Youth Field Hockey Tournament
June 29- July 1, 2018 Tamanawis Park, Surrey
Email: fhcpanthers@gmail.com

Age Groups

Boys: U-12 | U-14 | U-16 | U-18

Girls: U-9 | U-11 | U-18

Panthers Cup Field Hockey Tournament

Panthers Cup Youth Field Hockey Tournament is a Sporting event involving youth field hockey teams from across Lower Mainland, is held at Tamanawis Field Hockey Grounds Surrey BC every year since 2010. Fun, Sport and Cultural events fully occupied the participants, officials and spectators. We are also inviting overseas teams from across Canada and USA for our 2015 tournament.

Panthers Field Hockey Club is a Non Profit Organization run by Volunteer staff and coaches. Our mission is to promote and facilitate the opportunities for youth to nurture them into good citizens and promote youth interest towards sports and volunteer activities.

Through a willing support of a large number of Sponsors, Volunteers from the community and very good participation from the teams themselves, very highly successful sporting events have been organized from the last three years. But much more than a sporting event was achieved, youth from all over lower mainland were involved together, Local young people were involved at every stage of the tournament and benefited from unique experiences and new opportunities. A lot of local business became part of the event and supported the organizers financially to make this event a huge success.
The local News media promote the event to a much wider audience throughout the lower mainland. A base has been established from which to continue the development of youth sports to encourage and facilitate the involvement of as many young athletes as possible.


The objectives of Panthers Cup Field Hockey Tournament are:
• To Involve Youth from across Vancouver Lower Mainland in a unique sporting and cultural experience.
• To help keep youth off the roads by indulging them in sports and volunteer activities.
• To promote a healthy lifestyle amongst our youth
• To involve a wider local community in a joint youth project
• To Build on the success of the Panthers Cup Field Hockey Tournament since 2010
• To extend Panthers Field Hockey Club’s activities for promotion of youth interests and activities through sports To promote and facilitate opportunities for youth to nurture them into good citizens and promote youth interest towards volunteer activities.

Community Participation

People who gave their time freely were our most valuable resource. Some 40 Panthers Field Hockey Club members and many families volunteer time and effort to make this tournament successful.

A local food bank food drive is also held at the tournament to help the local community; this promotes a culture of giving and sharing amongst the youth.

We are also are trying to bring in some underprivileged youth to participate in the sports free of cost. Local businesses have supported the tournament in varying ways by sponsoring the tournament in various capacities,


Youth Involvement

The vital role young people played in organizing and participating in the tournament was complemented by the young student coaches and referees who were involved in guiding the Micro and mini teams U-6 and U-8 kids with their games. All these roles provided a wealth of new experiences for the young people involved. A cultural event is also organized every year before the final games which is performed by young student entertainers. This has raised the status of those involved and increased their confidence for the future.


Eye-catching tournament posters are displayed throughout lower mainland and also displayed in local ethnic restaurants, temples and other public places. In the lead up, the tournament is promoted in local community newspapers and local radio stations.


The major benefit arising from this project was the “feel-good factor” for so many people who were involved in youth activities. Their efforts contributed greatly and were publicly acknowledged. Our community is better off because of this.

The concept of voluntary service has been extended to our youth. Already a number are becoming involved in other community activities. If this project had not identified their talents and their willingness they may never have had an opportunity to participate.

Panthers Field Hockey Club Tournament committees now have lists of people willing to help because this project fired their interest and gave them the confidence to volunteer.

There is a stronger realization within the members of the organizing committee and others on what we can achieve, if we really pool our talents and resources together. Future projects will build from the successes of the ones already organized.

A perfect foundation has been laid for continuing youth and sporting initiatives among the lower mainland and further Field Hockey tournaments have been planned for upcoming years. All the sponsorship funds will be used on the Tournament for youth sports and cultural activities, awards and recognition of players and teams.

Why We Seek Sponsorship

Hockey is still strictly an amateur sport and as such playing members contribute to the cost of playing. We seek sponsorship from you to assist with rising of funds in two key areas: Funds to support our juniors and assist in their development as sports persons and members of our community. Funds to assist with facility rentals, equipment and resources, required to maintain level of competitiveness and provide benefits to competing players.

Panthers Cup Field Hockey Tournament Sponsorship Packages

Gold Sponsor

$ 1500

  • Medium Company Logo on t-shirts worn by committee member during the tournament
  • Company logo on Panthers Field Hockey website under Gold sponsors
  • Medium banner with Company Logo on fence of the field
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Silver Sponsor

$ 1000

  • Small banner with Company Logo on fence of the field
  • Company logo on Panthers Field Hockey website under sponsors
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Bronze Sponsor

$ 500

  • Small banner with Company Logo on fence of the field
  • Company logo on Panthers Field Hockey website under sponsors
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Trophy SponsorsRecommended

  • Limited to first come first serve basis
  • We invite the business community to sponsor the prize money or equipment along with the Winner Trophies
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Team Sponsors

$ 1000

Per Team
  • Sponsor Panthers Youth Teams
  • Company Logo on team shirts which will be worn during the tournament and year round
  • Vancouver Field Hockey league games This package can be added on to the Diamond and Gold Sponsors
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